December 3rd!

It’s the 3rd of December, and time is running. Christmas is only 3 weeks away! It is time to start getting all the dates in your calendar, and ensure you take off enough time around Christmas to be with family and friends. Before we get so far, there is more work to do.

If you did write a blog post yesterday, and hopefully tweeted about it on Twitter or TweetDeck, go in now and check your statistics first. Also remember that a good blog should be shared many times on social media sites (at least 2-3 times in a week)

 Today will be a little lesson in tweeting, either on Twitter or TweedDeck, whichever you prefer. I know you (Alan) already know about many of the applications and so on, so I will leave that for the report, and instead focus on how we can get you one step further.

  • It is important that you already now log on to Twitter and secure your business profile, so that when your company starts growing you will be able to have someone running the business’s news, updates, tips and so on under a united name, rather than among several trainers. Each can still give their personal view, personal agenda and more,  but everything regarding the business is posted on one profile as a “home-base”.


  • From now on, every time you send a tweet which has something to do with presenting, make sure to add the #enjoypresenting in the end of the tweet, if there is space enough. By that way, people searching for tips on how to enjoy presenting will find what they are looking for here, and hopefully follow it regularly.


  • Always try to visualise what you are tweeting, either by adding the appropriate # tags, a link to find out more, e.g. at a blog or webpage, or a picture via Twitpic.


  • Have a look at some of the top Twitter applications and see if there is anything you feel could be interesting for you. I know you already have your blog posts on automatic update, and that’s the most important for you at the moment. This list is especially made with SME’s in mind, and some will probably be useful for you at some point in time.


  • Twitter also offers special resources, such as applications, widgets and more, e.g. buttons for your webpage. Some features can be customised to suit your webpage theme. To grab the codes and get started, press here.


  • A new version of Twitter will be launching soon #NewTwitter. Seems very technological, in a good sense, and probably will be a big hit. Under the link there is an introduction video. Have a go at it!


This challenge is important for you to keep up, since micro blogging is something that you do most days, or at least easier and quicker than normal blogging. Therefore there is no deadline, just consider the following:

  1. Be sure to use #enjoypresenting
  2. Create tweets that add massive value
  3. Re-tweet good tweets, or edit them and re-launch
  4. Tweet short tips, statements, quotes, anything of value to someone wanting to be better at presenting.
  5. Try to use open questions, to attract attention and incite reader to either respond, or continue to any attached links
  6. Later on, when interest increases, ask for their opinion (What is the best presentation tip you have been given? How do you present xxxx, or what is the best way to start a presentation etc.)

Good luck, Alan, and do remember that I am watching your activity.

Today’s Christmas treat is a poem, which has had a great influence of many of today’s Christmas stories by Clement Clarke Moore., click here to read it: It Was the Night before Christmas

If you prefere watching it as a movie, or just having it read on the background, it is possible here:



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